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Why Real-Time Temperature Monitoring Should be a Standard Feature of Your Reefer Truck Fleet

As the owner or manager of a reefer truck fleet, you have customers that rely on you to deliver their shipments. This goes beyond just getting the shipment to its destination. Your fleet plays an integral role in maintaining the continuity of your customer’s cold chain. That’s why you must ensure the quality of your fleet and a high level of service throughout the transportation of your customer’s goods.

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Infographic - 5 Techniques to reduce refrigerated trucks fuel consumption

According to a research, 90% of the truck owners have to spend a lot on fuel when transporting temperature sensitive goods.

Here is an infographic on 5 simple techniques to save on fuel cost.

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Understanding the Sanitary Food Transportation Rule

There has been a lot of talk in the food distribution and food service industries about the emergence of new FDA compliance standards. Because food is subjected to a number of potentially compromising factors during transport, the Food & Drug Administration created provisions specific to food transport as part of its Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

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5 Ways Food Temperature Monitors are Saving You Time and Money

Saving money is paramount to any successful, profit-driven business. Cost of goods and wasted goods must be closely monitored in order to keep a business profitable. Nowhere is this challenge more evident than in the foodservice industry. Spoilage and other issues can lead to hundreds or thousands of dollars in lost goods and brand damage, sending profits plummeting.

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5 Tips for Shipping Temperature-Sensitive Foods in Summer

Shipping perishable food goods has its obstacles any time of the year, but for those in the food service industry, the warmer summer months present some very unique challenges. For one, far more food spoilage occurs in the summer months, resulting in more foodborne illnesses.

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